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Preparation method
  • Finely cut the onion and parsley. Add into the minced beef along with the Worchester sauce, ketchup and hot sauce. Mix to incorporate the ingredients to the meat.

    1. Stuff the beef patty with KRAFT cheddar cheese and set in the chiller for 5 to 10 minutes.
    1. Shred the lettuce and cut the tomato into slices.
    1. Toast the buns on a hot pan and coat them with KRAFT cheese spread Original.
    1. Form burgers with the beef patty and fry the burgers on a pan until cooked through.
    1. To assemble the burger, add the beef patty on the bottom bun, the lettuce, one slice of KRAFT cheese, tomato slices and then the top bun. Serve hot.
Make a meal plan
  • KRAFT Cheddar Cheese (grated) 100 g (1 medium can)
  • Minced beef 450 g
  • Onion 1 pc
  • Parsley 2 tbsp
  • Worchester sauce 4 tbsp
  • Hot sauce 3 tbsp
  • Lettuce (shredded) 4 leaves
  • Tomato (sliced) 1 pc
  • Salt & pepper (as required)
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